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What is Civillion?
From simple DIY projects to large industrial spaces and grand architectural designs, Civillion® is the perfect choice wherever you require high-performing building insulation.
Why choose us?

Civillion is the perfect choice for any project.

Delivers Superior Acoustics

It’s not just heat that finds it tough to get through rock. Civillion™ stone wool products are amongst the most effective acoustic insulators used in construction.

Installing Civillion™ insulation provides a real reduction in external noise from traffic or neighbors, or internal noise between floors and rooms. Our specialist products allow you to design the right acoustic environment for each space, whether it’s a school hall, a concert hall or the rooms of a new home. Learn More

How can I apply to work for Civillion?

Work for Us

Organizations are known by their people. At Civillion, we are working hard to get the best out of everyone. We work together to cater customer delight.

For job opportunities, please contact jobs@civillion.com
Where can I learn more about Civillion?
To contact our customer supports team please email customers@civillian.com