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     August 14, 2013

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     For architects and specifiers seeking modern, effective and flexible insulation solutions –

The architect’s choice

For architects and specifiers seeking modern, effective and flexible insulation solutions –

Civillion™’s extensive range of stone wool products offers more than just thermal insulation. Civillion™ is the first choice for sound engineers and fire protection contractors because of its excellent acoustic and fire performance. It is also the sustainable choice for modern buildings including PassivHaus and low energy/zero energy constructions.

Civillion™ insulation is made using world-class Danish engineering expertise.

4 in 1 benefits

Civillion™ insulation products are made from stone wool. As well as excellent thermal insulation properties, Civillion™ products have four additional benefits built in:

  • Unmatched fire resistance
  • Superior acoustics
  • Unrivalled durability
  • Sustainable and recyclable

Design flexibility

Architects and designers find their inspiration in many places, however transforming a visual concept into a functional building also requires access to suitably inspiring products and systems. Civillion™ stone wool products are designed to protect people, buildings and the environment. They also create stunning external facades, stylish internal finishes and environmentally sound buildings. Our products are capable of enduring all types of weather and internal conditions.

Sustainable design

Civillion™ insulation is made for sustainable materials. It can also be used as a component of sustainable building. Find out more about our sustainable solutions.

Unique packaging

Our unique Civillpack™ packaging technology allows us to significantly compress our lightweight products (Civillion™ Cavity, Civillion Ciflex™ and Civillion™ RWA45 Slab) so that they take up less room on site and can be transported more easily. The compression and vacuum extraction helps to retain the products’ squarer edges and reduces rounding and curving. Once the bundle is opened, the product immediately expands to normal size and is ready for installation.

  • More product per pallet
  • Less space on site
  • Lower emissions (fewer lorries on the road)
  • Better performance
  • More convenient
  • More sustainable

Technical back up

Find out more about the comprehensive technical support, advice and guidance on the use of Civillion™ products available for professionals from the Technical Solutions Team. Please use the contact page.