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     August 13, 2013

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     Civillion™ insulation gives unrivaled performance against fire.

Stone wool, the core component of all our products, is a non-combustible material, so Civillion™ products also help architects, contractors and developers to meet the current fire regulations. Independent testing shows that Civillion™ can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C, providing a potentially invaluable contribution in saving lives and property. And because it is chemically inert, stone mineral wool does not generate toxic smoke or airborne particles in the event of fire; nor will it contribute to flashover.

  • Euroclasses is The European Classification system for the reaction to fire protection of construction products. Civillion™ insulation meets the highest available criteria in the EU’s Euroclass system and is rated A1 non-combustible for UK Building Regulations.
  • The use of Civillion™ insulation helps to meet Approved Document B Fire Safety Requirements which cover safety, means of escape, inhibiting the spread of fire inside and between buildings, the stability of buildings and the provision of access for fire-fighters.
  • Civillion™ insulation also helps architects and contractors meet The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which covers fire safety requirements, statutory risk assessment and management requirements and the fire safety of construction materials, their use and installation.
  • The Loss Prevention Certification Board Design Guide provides information to plan and build premises which are inherently safer from fire hazards. Civillion™ insulation products are an ideal solution to meet these guidelines.