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     April 15, 2012

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     For factories, data centers spaces, warehouses, distribution centers or any industrial project, Civillion™ has a comprehensive range of products and systems that save time, energy and money in construction and through the lifetime of the building

Our unique 4-in-1 combination makes Civillion™ the right choice for many reasons. Beyond its thermal performance, our stone mineral wool insulation products offer built-in fire safety and acoustic benefits without the need to fit additional products or systems. That saves on construction time and on materials. And because Civillion™ is made from durable and sustainable naturally-occurring rock, it will last for the lifetime of the building, thereby avoiding replacement or maintenance costs.


  • Ideal for large spaces, such as distribution center and warehouses, where you need to minimize energy consumption
  • Effective in places where noise levels need to be controlled inside and outside the building
  • Our panels offer structural rigidity, fast assembly time and hygienic finishes making them a good choice for cold stores and warehouses
  • Composite panels incorporating Civillion™ insulation increase fire safety and reduce insurance costs – whilst the thermal qualities make for a more comfortable working environment
  • Complete durability means that Civillion™ products will never have to be replaced or reinstalled, thereby minimizing building maintenance costs and giving peace of mind for the long term performance of the construction