Why Choose Us?

Civillion is the perfect choice for any project.

Sustainable insulation products

Civillion™ insulation doesn’t just create sustainable buildings – it’s produced in a sustainable way too. Independent assessors agree that reducing consumption through passive insulation is the first step to saving energy. Civillion™’s wide range of products allows new and existing buildings to benefit from durable, efficient and versatile thermal insulation.

Civillion™ is created from a natural, sustainable and recyclable resource. Our stone mineral wool is made from diabase rock, which is continually replenished naturally from within the earth. Our high-tech production process utilises filters, pre-heaters, after-burners and other cleaning collection systems to ensure an environmentally responsible approach.

The sustainable choice
  • The right insulation, installed correctly, is an investment that quickly pays for itself with lower utility bills.
  • Insulation is an extremely cost effective means of improving energy efficiency; it works continuously and requires no maintenance or replacement.
  • Civillion™ insulation continues to perform to the same high standards for decades.
  • In addition to excellent thermal properties, Civillion™ products also boast unmatched acoustic and fire protection.


Nothing lasts like solid rock

All Civillion™ stone wool insulation is made from rock, making it naturally durable and stable over the lifetime of a building. This means it never needs replacing. The unique physical structure of Civillion™ keeps its shape and toughness, and it is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity. Civillion™ insulation is dimensionally stable: it just keeps performing, decade after decade.

Civillion™ can also be used to create products that withstand sustained or heavy loads. Millions of square metres of concrete floors have been laid on top of Civillion™ insulation all over the world (with no evidence of long term creeping).

Fire resistance

Civillion™ insulation offers superior fire resistance.
Creating safer buildings

Civillion™ insulation is made from naturally fire resistant stone mineral wool. Created using the same processes that occur at the heart of a volcano, Civillion™ tolerates temperatures of up to 1000°C and does not burn. It therefore provides vital fire protection in buildings, keeping people safe as well as minimising damage to valuable assets.

Civillion™ products are designed to remain stable when exposed to burning hot flames, helping to maintain the building’s structure and buying valuable time for occupants to safely escape.

Delivers Superior Acoustics

It’s not just heat that finds it tough to get through rock. Civillion™ stone wool products are amongst the most effective acoustic insulators used in construction. Installing Civillion™ insulation provides a real reduction in external noise from traffic or neighbors, or internal noise between floors and rooms. Our specialist products allow you to design the right acoustic environment for each space, whether it’s a school hall, a concert hall or the rooms of a new home.

The natural sound barrier

It’s the open, porous structure of stone mineral wool that makes it highly efficient in protecting against noise pollution. In ceilings, noise screens, around noisy machines, in walls, roofs and floors and even underneath rail tracks, Civillion™ acts as a natural and effective sound barrier.